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Toxic exposure during your deployment? New law expands benefits for post-9/11 veterans

Are you or a loved one a post-9/11 combat veteran? Were you exposed to burn pits or other toxins while in service? If so, there’s important information you should know regarding your veterans’ health care and disability benefits, including two fast-approaching deadlines. Veterans who were exposed to burn pits or other toxic substances may experience various health issues. Veterans who think their diagnosed medical conditions are connected to toxic exposure during service should file a claim with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Veterans not currently experiencing any health problems may have some in the future. Even if they feel fine, eligible veterans should get a toxic exposure screening. Toxic exposure screenings are available at VA health facilities across the country. Thankfully, new legislation called the PACT Act will help veterans get the treatment and benefits they deserve. Army veteran Andrew Myatt, who deployed to Iraq in 2004-05, said, “On paper, I did everything… READ MORE

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Removing barriers of care for U.S. veterans who need surgery

Nov 24 2023

During the month of November, we honor our nation's veterans for their hard work and dedication to protect everyone's f ...

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